Greeva Basti


“Experience the magic of Greeva Basti, an Ayurvedic gem that cares for your neck and spine. Our skilled therapists gently pool warm medicated oil over your neck, providing instant relief and rejuvenation. Invest in a life with a revitalized neck and spine – your gateway to enduring well-being and freedom from discomfort.”



Greeva Basti: Rejuvenate Neck and Spine with Panchakarma Excellence

Welcome to the world of Greeva Basti, a profound Panchakarma therapy dedicated to nurturing neck and spinal health. Derived from Ayurveda, the ancient holistic healing system, Greeva Basti involves a specialized treatment where warm medicated oil is gently pooled over the cervical region. This therapeutic practice is meticulously designed to alleviate pain, release tension, and restore overall neck and spine well-being.

Our adept practitioners commence by crafting a well of herbal oil on the neck area using organic oils known for their therapeutic properties. The soothing warmth of the oil penetrates deep into the muscles and connective tissues, delivering rejuvenation and relief from discomfort caused by conditions such as cervical spondylosis and stiffness.

Greeva Basti offers not only immediate solace but also addresses the core issues contributing to neck and spine concerns, fostering enduring healing and suppleness. Tailored to your individual constitution, our Greeva Basti therapy presents a personalized gateway to invigorated neck health.

Embark on a journey towards a revitalized neck and spine with the revitalizing touch of Greeva Basti. Discover the skill of our practitioners and embrace the time-honored marvels of Panchakarma for a life of enhanced well-being.