Janu Basti


“Unlock pain-free knees with Janu Basti, an Ayurvedic marvel. Our expert therapists pool medicated oil over your knees, relieving pain and enhancing mobility. Discover the gift of healthier knees today and reclaim the joy of effortless movement.”



Introducing Janu Basti, a transformative Panchakarma therapy that targets knee wellness with precision and care. Rooted in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic healing, Janu Basti involves a specialized treatment where medicated oil is pooled over the knee joint. This therapeutic technique is designed to alleviate pain, enhance flexibility, and promote overall knee health.

Our experienced practitioners begin by creating a dough dam around the knee using organic, therapeutic-grade oils. The warm, herbal oil is then poured into this reservoir, allowing it to penetrate deeply into the joint, muscles, and surrounding tissues. This process helps to nourish, lubricate, and revitalize the knee, relieving discomfort caused by conditions such as arthritis, stiffness, and inflammation.

Janu Basti not only provides immediate relief but also works towards addressing the root cause of knee issues, promoting long-term healing and mobility. Tailored to your unique constitution and concerns, our Janu Basti therapy offers a personalized approach to restoring your knee’s well-being.

Rediscover pain-free movement and embrace the healing power of Janu Basti. Experience the expertise of our practitioners and embark on a journey to healthier knees through the time-honored wisdom of Panchakarma.