Netra Tarpan


“Revive your precious eyes with Netra Tarpan, an Ayurvedic treasure. Our skilled therapists gently envelop your eyes in medicated ghee, providing instant relief and nourishment. Invest in a life with improved vision and eye comfort – your journey to brighter eyes begins here.”



Welcome to the realm of Netra Tarpan, an exquisite Panchakarma therapy dedicated to revitalizing and nourishing the eyes. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Netra Tarpan involves a unique treatment where medicated ghee is gently pooled around the eyes. This therapeutic practice is thoughtfully crafted to relieve eye strain, improve vision, and promote overall ocular health.

Our proficient therapists begin by creating a well of pure, medicated ghee around the eyes, enhancing the eye’s receptivity to healing properties. The soothing warmth of the ghee seeps into the eye tissues, providing relief from discomfort caused by conditions like dry eyes and eye fatigue.

Netra Tarpan transcends immediate relief, addressing the underlying causes of eye issues and fostering sustained visual well-being. Tailored to your individual constitution, our Netra Tarpan therapy offers a personalized approach to revitalizing your precious eyes.

Embark on a journey toward refreshed eyes with the rejuvenating touch of Netra Tarpan. Discover the expertise of our practitioners and embrace the timeless marvels of Panchakarma for a life of improved vision and eye